Tuesday, April 21, 2009


First of all, the results are in and, yes, it is MRSA once again. Yea. So the husband is scheduled to see an Infectious Disease Specialist one week from today. I was very surprised when the doctor called two days after his last appointment to confirm that, yes, it is MRSA again, and did not prescribe antibiotics. I mean, yeah, I guess he wants him to actually have the infection when he goes to the specialist, but I'm also thinking it would be nice if he too has a nose.

This is my mom's cow, Norman:

Norman is a big cow. Norman thinks he is a dog. He runs and plays with the other dogs, often chases my pestering husband, and sneaks up behind my mom and butts her in the back. He is a very ornery cow-dog. We were at my mom's the Saturday before Easter and the daughter went up to Norman by herself to pet him. As soon as she turned around to walk off, Norman started running at her and trying to butt her. I was too far away from her to save her so I just screamed at Norman (like he's a dog) to stop. This of course scared the daylights out of the daughter who was completely oblivious to the fact that she was about to be trampled. Luckily, Norman was distracted by a nearby and willing-to-play dog and thus the daughter was salvaged of a good stomping. We all had a good laugh once the daughter was safe and we all shat ourselves.

I went to the doctor last Wednesday. I sat in the waiting room for about 75 minutes, which is becoming the norm, and spent around 5 minutes in the actual doctor's office. It was just a routine checkup...weight, urine, blood pressure, fetal heartbeat, height of the fundus, oh and more sample prenatals, since all I've tried so far make me a tad bit queasy and I'm totally high-maintenance this time around and refuse to be bothered with any slight queasiness. I've gained 10 pounds so far. All is looking good except for the fact that I'm completely convinced it's gonna be a 12-pounder.

I have a really annoying neighbor boy who just turned 18 and thus was finally allowed (by his equally annoying parents) to get his license. This kid is the biggest dork I've ever met but my husband and I reluctantly make every effort to be nice to him. The first time I ever met him I would have bet my house that he was 12. The daughter refers to him as her friend, this is the maturity level we're talking about here. Anyhoo, I was sitting at a four-way stop yesterday after work and noticed him sitting across the way. He totally laid on his horn and flapped his long dorky arm out of his window so that everyone else at the four-way saw him waving and obviously knowing me. I really thought I was too old to feel like the nerdy kid at school that the dorky kid just waved at.

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