Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Five Months Later

Hey! Remember me? Yeah, I know...I don't even know where to start.

I guess I'll begin with something we're all familiar with. Remember the husband and the armpit and the staph infection? Well, it's baaaaack! Actually, it's back for the fourth time. A couple of months ago the tip of his nose became really sore and red and swollen. He finally decided to go to the doctor only to find out through swabs and blood cultures that it was indeed MRSA staph. Yea. So he was on antibiotics for about three weeks and putting antibiotic ointment on it several times a day. It finally healed up and his last culture came back negative. Until today, anyway. He mentioned this morning that it has become sore again, so I immediately called his doctor and made him an appointment for this afternoon. We went and they did another swab and expect the results back Thursday. If it is indeed MRSA again, then they will obviously start him on antibiotics again and then refer him to an Infectious Disease Specialist in OKC. It would be nice to know exactly what is causing this and why it keeps coming back. (On a side note, the nurse actually told us that people typically get staph in their noses and in their butts. This sent me into giggles as all I could picture was someone sticking their nose up someone's ass.)

Sooooo, I'm pregnant. No big shocker, I know. I'm pretty sure I've spoken to every person that actually (and only occasionally) reads this thing. I'm due October 2nd which is kinda surprising considering I swore I'd never spend another summer pregnant. Oh well. All is going well so far. We went in for our early ultrasound at 11 1/2 weeks, so that was nice to get a peak at the little peanut. I was very excited about that, because other than an extremely overactive appetite, I've had no other symptoms. I even forgot and doubted at times that I was really pregnant. Hearing the heartbeat was great as well. Everything really is going well, but does this look normal for 14 weeks???

The daughter is good. The other day we were out at the in-laws and she was pointing her finger at one of the dogs as she scolded it. I was watching from afar and I noticed she quit talking, stared at her finger for a minute and then looked up at the sky. She came running over to me and showed me where a bird had actually pooped on her finger! I thought that was sooooo funny! She is growing like a weed and really excited about the baby. She likes to kiss my belly and tell the baby good morning and good night. The pregnancy has already affected her some. The other day I asked her if I could rock her while she watched TV and she agreed. But after only a few seconds she hopped down and told me she is too big and that I could rock the baby. That made me really sad! She has also been a REAL Nana's girl lately. As soon as she wakes up in the morning she's asking for her and she almost always cries when we go to pick her up from her house. She stayed the night with her last night and spent all day with her today. She was home for about ten minutes before she started asking for her Nana. I'm glad she loves her Nana and wants to spend a lot of time with her, but it really can be disheartening sometimes. I still want her to be a mama's girl!

Well, I've said my piece for now. It's almost bath and story and bed time! I'm glad you got to hear from me!

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Christy said...

She lives!!! I have been wondering where you where and how you were doing. Good to hear an update. That sucks about the staph/MRSA infection....hope they can get it figured out and cleared up soon. I totally laughed out loud reading the bird poop directly on the finger story..too funny! Love the belly pic, you are totally adorable. Wish I had looked that cute when I was pregnant.